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The Second Tower Opens

On IC Monday (OOC: 20th June) a group of prefects attempted to open the Conquest Campus tower as they had the Arena. They were once again successful.

As the thread might take a while to write, this post is to explain the effects it has on Rakuen.

The tower begins to hum quietly in a hundred voices as the first prefect touches their plaque, and the hum increases with each prefect's touch. By the end, the hum is a wail, audible from anywhere on the island. And this time, the Arena tower joins in.

At this point, the prefects and anyone near them (ie anyone outside in the area around the tower) are blasted backwards by a wave of unseen force with the gate as its centre, landing a few metres away bruised but unharmed. A five-pointed red star shoots from the spire of the tower and burns in the sky over Rakuen.

During this time several things happen:
- The headmistress of Conquest, Day, collapses.
- The remaining staff gather, collect Day's body, and lock themselves inside the Mayor's Mansion. If any characters try to talk to them as they retreat, they will wish you luck (some more sarcastically than others) but offer no help whatsoever (some more regretfully than others).
- Every shop and building in the city closes; the streets empty. Townspeople grab their children from their playing and lock themselves in their houses, closing the shutters and shooting fearful glances at the sky. Furthermore, all buildings take on a slight blue sheen as Rakuen prepares itself for what is to come.

And, finally, something huge forms from within the star.

Congratulations, Rakuen, you've unlocked your second Tower Guardian, the Red Phoenix of the South . This huge firebird is the guardian of the Conquest campus, with mastery over fire. Indeed its tail is made of flames, its main weapon as it swoops overhead. But not its only weapon: those talons are sharp, so be careful.

Obviously, it must be defeated. As usual, only Players can draw weapons, but for the time that the creature is active, the rule against multi-wielding does not apply. That means that Players may draw whichever weapons they want simultaneously and hand them to non-Players to arm them.

The creature will only attack the Conquest buildings unless characters get too close to residential buildings, at which point collateral damage is inevitable. The island structures are currently guarded against fire by a barrier, but you aren't as protected. It is powerful but by no means unbeatable. Starred Weapons do more damage against it than ordinary weapons, but all weapons are effective. As its element is Fire, any Water-element Weapon will deal huge damage to it, whilst Wood-elements are essentially useless.

No matter what happens, the creature will disappear on IC Tuesday nightfall (OOC 23rd/24th June). If the characters manage to defeat it before then, there will be an award:

- If this is the second tower that has been opened while the character has been in Rakuen (characters who were in the city during Round 7) they receive a gorgeous bottle made of ornate blue glass. Inside the bottle is a roll of parchment: instructions. Write a letter addressed to someone in your home world, place it into the bottle and throw it into the lake. You won't get an answer (they don't have a magic bottle, after all) but it is guaranteed to reach them. (Note: Letters can be addressed vaguely e.g 'my mother' if it is to a person whose name has been forgotten) Bottles can be traded or given to other characters. If your character doesn't have a use for it, they can give it or sell it to someone who does.

- If this is the first tower that has been opened while the character has been in Rakuen (character who arrived in Round 8 or afterwards) will receive a voucher for use in Rakettear. This voucher allows the character 'one free item'. This can be anything available in Recette's huge catalogue of items from all worlds.

Items can be sold or swapped or used as bargaining material, whatever your characters wish to do with them.

This post is for any questions and also plotting, if your character will be a discard on IC Monday, post here so that Players can grab you, emergency battlefield vows are a-go!

Note about death: If you die during this battle you wake up as normal in your bed and can rejoin the fight. Dying in this battle will not give you an undead ring though and if you are counted as a "living" weapon you remain so.

The Tower Information page has been updated.


It's Round 10, and as a celebration of reaching double digits all characters in Rakuen will wake up to find a commemorative T-shirt at the bottom of their bed.

These T-shirts are in various colours... highlighter colours that is. Neon pink, blinding green, obnoxiously bright orange. They have, in clashing colours, text on them. "Congratulations for spending X Rounds in Rakuen" (where X is the number of Rounds your character has been here). If your character has died in game there will be further text on the back "And only dying Y times". This text will update each round, or each death. Whichever is appropriate.

Further more these T-shirts do not fit anybody... They are either ridiculously tight or swamp the wearer completely. There is a note attached to say they can be worn as part of the uniform with no penalty, and they might have special properties. Who knows?
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David will be a discard.

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Retracting all that!

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