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At 6am all discards will be woken up with a ten minute penalty headache. Good morning! The sky is dark with clouds and it rains on and off all day, even if it is not too cold.

Anyone leaving the campus will find the townspeople are becoming impatient, they will shout at Players, telling them to fight. Or at Weapons telling them to make their Players fight. If you are really unlucky you may get grabbed by a towns-person and dragged into the battle arena, though they will stop if you make it clear you don't wish to fight.

Or perhaps you do wish to fight, Dunleavy advised it after all!

At 2pm all discards will suffer a thirty minute warning penalty and then vanish from the city. A memory and an upgrade will be found on their pillow. A further memory charm will be left in their favorite place in the city. The memory charm Dunleavy gave them.

On disappearing a character will appear in the grey room they found themselves in in the tutorial. Characters will know instinctively that this is their chance to leave a message, a time capsule if you will for future groups who may be brought into Rakuen. This can be a thought, a memory, a feeling, advice. Anything the character wishes. If you wish to write these out the post is here

Note that if you haven't yet found someone to vow to yet don't want your character to disappear at this point then vows can obviously be backdated.

After their time in the grey room disappeared characters will find themselves floating through the tutorial world, again it may be different for every character, a land of gems, a forest, a desert. You don't seem to have a body though and there is no one there.

Or is there? You can hear voices, whispers on the wind. And after a few moments you can begin to pick them up, and talk back. Even though characters can't see each other they will be able to communicate and after a while sense each others presence in this strange limbo world. The post for people to tag into if their characters disappear is here

At 8pm All non prefect Weapons who are not linked to anyone (so those linked to other Weapons are fine) will receive a ten minute penalty headache. At midnight the city shakes for half an hour and those Weapons receive another penalty.

As a quick question would people like it if a mod post was put up in the IC board each day for interactions or are you alright with just doing normal posts and mod posts going up for the larger things that will happen?

If your character is a discard and you do wish them to disappear please respond here with your characters name, the memory and upgrade they leave behind and their favorite place with their special message (you can link to the IC post or just describe it here)