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Mini Plot: Thunderstorm!

On IC Friday (9th/10th August) the day will start grey and rainy, the weather will get worse through the morning and the final (12-1pm) lesson will be cancelled, thunder and lightning will begin and all students will be told to go back to their dorm buildings.

They don't need to go to their rooms, but must go to the building they have been assigned. Prefects will come round to do head counts, and to hand out hot chocolate and biscuits to everyone with permission to eat non-discard food.

The rain will get worse and worse through the afternoon (Prefects will be provided with waterproofs for when they have to go and supervise the dorm rooms.) The Headmistresses will suggest that everyone use the time to catch up on school work or marking (but Recette will provide Prefects with board and card games to hand out). The power will be unreliable, going off for long periods of times (torches and lanterns will be provided) and the network will be very unreliable and slow to load.

Also if anyone attempts to draw a Weapon during the thunderstorm, something unusual will happen.

Threads for each dorm building will go up tomorrow and there is a Prefect plotting post below here for Prefects to plan who is doing what.
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Re: Questions?

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The page you linked isn't available due to being licensed, it says.
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Re: Questions?

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That does work! Thanks!
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Re: Prefect plotting

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Conquest: Flynn for ALL OF THOSE DUTIES.

Fortitude: Sora for delivering snacks and contraband.
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Re: Prefect plotting

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Lelouch: As little as possible. He'll probably find some other shenanigans he can get up to during the storm.
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Re: Prefect plotting

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Cirno will help with all of it, seeing as there are only 4 prefects for Conquest
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Re: Prefect plotting

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Golbez will not only help with all of those duties, he's also willing to make spur-of-the-moment vows with discards who want snacks.

Dirk is probably going to goof off though sorry.
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can Arthur smuggle Merlin into his dorm
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Cheshire has forgotten how to get down from trees, and what better time to get stuck in one than when a dangerous storm is coming? Would anyone like to get him down?

Great chance to draw a weapon to give him something to jump onto!