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The IC Post is up for the start of the event.. For this event Players and Weapons are in pairs (except one three as we had uneven numbers). The pairs are as follows the bolded name is the Player.

Suzaku Kururugi - Vanezio (Red)
Arthur Pendragon - Merlin and Cirno (Orange)
Ein - Kaoru Hitachiin (Yellow)
Yuka Kazami - Cheshire Cat and Aria (Blue)
Yuri Lowell - Flynn Scifo and Juri Arisugawa (Green)
Sora Himoto - Jules de Ferrier (Purple)
Alex Furest - Rebecca Harcourt (Brown)
Komachi Onazuka - Sora Himoto (AU) (Grey)
Nanami Asagi - Shion (Silver)
Brittany S Pierce - The Holy Empire of Britannia (White)
Yosuke Hanamura - Hikaru Hitachiin (Black)

The IC post is here.
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Is there any stuff appearing on the back of the hand for Weapons like there is in a regular round?